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What factors can affect the range of my bike?Updated 5 months ago

The range that the bike delivers is impacted by numerous variables: 

  • number of batteries in use (1 battery = 40 miles; 2 batteries = 80 miles)
  • extreme temperatures
  • wind
  • incline 
  • weight of the rider
  • riding style (aggressive acceleration vs. tempered acceleration) 
  • time spent riding at the top speed vs. cruising 
  • with the key in the OFF position, the motorcycle’s electronics will consume a very small amount of power, and a fully charged battery will drain at an extremely slow rate

 Due to the high number of variables, accurate real-world testing can be complicated. Using test riders ranging from 75kg to 110kg, we found that:

  • Range Mode delivers 40-43 miles per battery, 
  • Balanced Mode delivers 35-41 miles per battery, and
  • Speed Mode delivers 25-35 miles per battery. 
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