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If I’m under 17, can I ride a Maeving RM1?Updated a year ago

You can indeed. We offer the Maeving RM1 in a 28 mph restricted version (also called the Maeving L1 variant), which is classed as an electric 50cc equivalent. It’s exactly the same bike as the 45 mph Maeving RM1, the motor has just been electronically restricted so that it falls into the 50cc class. If you’ve got a provisional car licence and a CBT, you can ride this variant. When you turn 17, our engineers can simply undo the speed restriction and unlock the full power of the RM1, enabling you to ride at up to 45 mph. Your bike will then be classed as an electric 125cc equivalent. This service will come at an additional cost, and you will need to return the bike to us for our engineers to carry it out.

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