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I obtained my full car licence before 2001. Do I still need a CBT to ride a Maeving RM1?Updated 4 months ago

If you obtained your full car licence before 2001, you can legally ride a 28 mph Maeving RM1 (L1 variant) without a CBT or L plates, as it’s classed as an electric 50cc equivalent. If you would like to ride the 45 mph Maeving RM1 (L3 variant), you’ll need to pass a CBT as it’s classed as an electric 125cc equivalent.

The 28 mph Maeving RM1 is exactly the same bike as the 45 mph Maeving RM1. The speed has just been electronically restricted so that it falls into the 50cc class..

Unfortunately, due to legislative limitations within the DVLA and DVSA, it is not possible to derestrict the 28mph version to become the 45 mph version or vise versa.

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