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How do I safely wash and maintain my Maeving RM1?Updated 7 months ago

Regularly cleaning your RM1 will keep it looking good and maintain the quality of the product. Following these guidelines will ensure it stays in peak condition:

  • Do not use cleaning products that are acidic or harsh. Only use pH-neutral products designed for motorcycle or car cleaning.

  • Do not use high-pressure water sprays as these can cause damage to bearings and electrical components.

  • Do not squirt water directly at the wheel, swingarm, or headstock bearings. This can force the grease out of the bearings and lead to premature wear.

  • During winter, it’s a good idea to spray non-painted aluminium parts with a transparent protective spray.

  • Take care when cleaning the seat, instruments, and electrical components. Use a pH-neutral cleaner and minimise the amount of water used.

  • If there are dead insects or tar residue on your RM1, use a good-quality tar remover and follow the instructions on the bottle.

To safely wash your RM1, follow the steps below:

  • We recommend that you do not wash your RM1 in direct sunlight.

  • Rinse the bike with cool water to remove any loose dirt or grit.

  • Using a pH-neutral car or motorcycle shampoo, wash your RM1 with a non-abrasive sponge, soft cloth, or lambswool wash mitt.

  • Rinse your cloth regularly during washing to ensure that no grit gets into it as this could scratch the surfaces of your RM1.

  • After cleaning, rinse your RM1 thoroughly with plenty of clean water. This will ensure there is no detergent residue left on the bike, which could cause damage to component finishes.

  • Dry the bike with a clean, soft microfibre drying cloth, ensuring there are no areas where water has collected, as this could leave marks.

  • To remove water between the discs and pads, gently push the bike and then apply the brakes.

  • After drying, painted surfaces can be polished and coated in good quality automotive wax to provide a high-quality shine.

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