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Is the RM1 really a British motorcycle?

According to the UK’s Trading Standards Act of 1968, a product is deemed to be British if the manufacturing, treatment, or processes leading to its final end use are performed in the UK. Maeving’s design, engineering, testing, assembly, and quality c

What does RM1 Stand for?

RM1 stands for ‘Removable One'. Our unique, easy-to-use removable battery system and custom-designed battery form the focal point of RM1’s design concept. When deciding on a name for this model, we wanted to reference this principal feature – hence t

What’s the difference between the Single Battery version and the Dual Battery version of the RM1?

They are exactly the same bike, both with space for up to two batteries. Depending on your particular transport needs, you can order the RM1 with just one battery (to give you up to 40 miles of range) or with two batteries (to give you up to 80 miles

Why is there a “petrol tank” on the bike?

The top of the "petrol tank" pops open, and inside you have 10L of lockable storage space. It's perfect for carrying valuables, motorcycling gloves, or a change of shoes. It also contains a USB-C charging port so you can charge a device while riding.

How much storage space is there on the Maeving RM1?

The “petrol tank” (provided the second battery isn’t in there) offers approximately 10L of secure internal storage. The rectangular dimensions are: 177mm x 133mm x 355mm. (However, the tank is not an exact rectangle, so there is a little more space a

What elements of the Maeving RM1 are customisable?

Customers are able to choose between seven different tank colours and one or two batteries. The silver bike comes with silver mud guards, but all other tank colours come with black mud guards. A 3D rendering of these colour options can be viewed on t

What are the differences between the Full Power (45 mph) and Restricted Power (28 mph) versions of the Maeving RM1?

The Full Power RM1 (also referred to as the Maeving L3 variant) has a maximum speed of 45 mph and is classed as an electric 125cc equivalent. The Restricted Power RM1 (also referred to as the Maeving L1 variant) has a maximum speed of 28 mph and is c

Can I upgrade my Restricted Power Maeving RM1 (28 mph) to a Full Power (45 mph) version?

Unfortunately, due to legislative limitations within the DVLA and DVSA, this is currently not possible.

What is the carrying capacity of the Maeving RM1?

The RM1 is designed to hold one rider of a maximum of 119kg in weight. We’re planning future models that will be able to accommodate a second rider, as battery technology improves to the level of our requirements. Please note, this bike is not design

What are “ride modes” and how do they work?

The Full Power RM1 has three modes. These help you to optimise your ride between speed and range according to your journey type. They’re also a useful way to help you to stick to the speed limit. You can easily toggle between these ride modes while d

What factors can affect the range of my bike?

The range that the bike delivers is impacted by numerous variables:. Due to the high number of variables, accurate real-world testing can be complicated. Using test riders ranging from 75kg to 110kg, we found that:

What factors can affect the speed of my bike?

The ride mode that you select will determine the top speed, while extreme temperatures, wind, incline, and the weight of the rider will impact the actual speed (and range) that the bike delivers. Speed mode will take you all the way up to the bike’s

How to adjust your mirrors

If you need to adjust your mirrors please follow the below instructions: