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RM1 Specs


Where can I find the RM1’s full specifications?

For a full list, scroll down to the bottom of the HOME page of our website and click on ‘Full Specs’. If you’re still not able to find the information you’re looking for, please email [email protected] with your query.

What is the range of the Maeving RM1?

Single Battery. Maximum Range - 40 miles. WMTC* Range - 29 miles. Dual Battery. Maximum Range - 80 miles. WMTC* Range - 63 miles. *WMTC range figures are calculated as part of an official mixed variety of testing scenarios, including representative c

How is the Maeving RM1 powered?

The RM1 is powered by a 3.0 kW (4hp) Bosch hub motor with a 4.4 kW peak. This is part of a custom-built Bosch drivetrain.

What are the benefits of using a hub motor?

A hub motor delivers power directly to the rear wheel. No chain, no belt, nothing between the power and the wheel. This provides great torque, as well as simplifying servicing and reducing maintenance.

Does using the second battery also increase the power of the bike?

Yes, when you move from one battery to two batteries, there is a slight power increase from 70 Amps to 100 Amps. This results in more sustained acceleration over a greater distance.

Does the power output decrease when the battery State of Charge is low?

Once you move below 40% State of Charge, the motor begins to derate. This means that the available power from the motor reduces in a linear fashion as the charge depletes.

Why doesn’t the Maeving RM1 have a pillion seat?

A second passenger increases the weight on the bike significantly and therefore greatly reduces its range. We built the RM1 to deliver the best possible range and speed from a removable battery. With battery technology being where it is at present, a

How much does the Maeving RM1 weigh?

An unladen, road ready RM1 without batteries weighs 98.5kg. A battery weighs 12.2kg. The total weight of the bike with a single battery = approx. 111kg. The total weight of the bike with two batteries = approx. 123.2kg

What are the dimensions of the Maeving RM1?

Overall length (incl. number plate) = 2145mm. Wheelbase = 1396mm. Height (incl. mirrors) = 1267mm. Height (assuming mirrors are rotated down or removed) = 1063mm. Width (incl. mirrors) = 896mm

What is the seat height of the Maeving RM1?

The seat is 785mm from the ground and is not adjustable. If you’re concerned about whether it will be the right fit for you, you can book a test ride on our website.