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Information on CBT and what you need to legally ride your Maeving


Do I need a licence to ride a Maeving RM1?

The RM1 is classed as an electric 125cc equivalent and therefore has the same licensing requirements. In the UK, all you need to ride it is a CBT licence – you do not need a full motorcycle licence.

What is a CBT?

CBT, or Compulsory Basic Training, is a one-day course designed for new riders to learn how to drive a scooter or motorcycle. Once you have completed and passed this course, you’ll receive a CBT licence to drive a scooter or motorcycle with a power o

How much does a CBT licence cost?

A CBT costs roughly £140 – £200. The precise amount will depend on where you book and whether or not you take your own gear. Visit to find motorcycle centres near you and compare prices.

I obtained my full car licence before 2001. Do I still need a CBT to ride a Maeving RM1?

If you obtained your full car licence before 2001, you can legally ride a 28 mph Maeving RM1 (L1 variant) without a CBT or L plates, as it’s classed as an electric 50cc equivalent. If you would like to ride the 45 mph Maeving RM1 (L3 variant), you’ll

If I’m under 17, can I ride a Maeving RM1?

You can indeed. We offer the Maeving RM1 in a 28 mph restricted version (also called the Maeving L1 variant), which is classed as an electric 50cc equivalent. It’s exactly the same bike as the 45 mph Maeving RM1, the motor has just been electronicall

What does a CBT licence allow me to do?

If you’re 17 or above, you are allowed to ride a scooter or motorcycle with a power output of up to 125cc or the electric equivalent of up to 11kW. If you’re 16, you are allowed to ride a scooter or motorcycle with a power output of up to 50cc or the

What does a CBT not allow me to do?

Drive on motorways. Drive with passengers. Drive without L plates

What do I need in order to take my CBT?

One of the following: a UK driving licence card, a UK provisional driving licence card, or an EU driving licence card with a UK counterpart. Be able to read a registration plate from 20,5 metres distance. Speak and understand English. Have an underst

What does a CBT involve?

The CBT course involves five elements:. Introduction and eyesight check. Practical on-site training. Practical on-site riding. Practical on-road training. Practical on-road riding

Can I fail my CBT?

Technically, you cannot fail a CBT, but you can be asked to re-book in order to undergo further instruction before you are awarded your CBT licence. This is rare as the session is meant to be a training day and not a test.

Where can I do my CBT?

There are testing centres all over the UK where you can complete your CBT. For locating a centre near you, comparing prices and making a booking, we recommend using – the UK’S number one platform for motorcycle training. When selecting a C

If I don’t have a CBT or full motorcycle licence, can I still do a test ride?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drive the RM1 in a test ride without a valid CBT or motorcycle licence. However, you can visit one of our pop-up stores or our Coventry HQ to view the RM1 in person and have a seat on it. This will give you a chanc