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Cleaning & storing your motorcycle


How do I safely wash and maintain my Maeving RM1?

Regularly cleaning your RM1 will keep it looking good and maintain the quality of the product. Following these guidelines will ensure it stays in peak condition:. Do not use cleaning products that are acidic or harsh. Only use pH-neutral products des

Removing road salt

During winter months, there’s a chance that the roads will be gritted. The salt used in this process, mixed with wet weather, can be an extremely corrosive combination. It’s recommended that you rinse down and wash your RM1 after riding on salted roa

Recommended cleaning products

Although we recommend the following products for cleaning your RM1, we have no affiliation with the brands or companies. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the use of these products will not result in damage to the surfaces of your vehicle.

Do I need to store my Maeving RM1 inside?

These bikes have been designed for outdoor use and have undergone thorough testing. However, as with any motorcycle, keeping the bike covered or inside when not in use will help to slow the normal processes of degradation that occur over time.

Can I pressure wash my Maeving RM1?

We strongly advise against pressure washing your bike as the high-pressure water can cause damage to bearings and electrical components. Please see our cleaning guidelines for optimal care of your RM1.

Cleaning guide - Controller housing

If you are finding your main controller housing is marked or has any road grime attached. Please find below the guide on removing this to keep your bike in peak condition. For the brushed items, it is a different process. Clean the bike, then use a m