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General Info on the Maeving brand


What are Maeving’s contact details?

What are Maeving’s contact details?. For general enquiries, you can contact us via the following channels:

Is Maeving a British company?

Is Maeving a British company?. Maeving Limited is registered in the United Kingdom and based in Coventry. Our motorcycles are designed, assembled, and tested by our in-house team. 100% of Maeving’s workforce are employed in the UK and 65% of the RM1’

Where do I subscribe to receive updates from Maeving?

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Where does the name ‘Maeving’ come from?

‘Maeving’ is derived from the English word 'maven'. It means, "one who is an expert or very experienced". We chose to reference this term in our company name, as we pride ourselves on the quality of our engineering and on the British motorcycling exp

Who founded Maeving?

Maeving was founded in 2018 by William Stirrup and Seb Inglis-Jones.

Where is the Maeving RM1 assembled?

All of our bikes are designed, engineered, and hand-built right here in the UK, in Coventry – the heartland of British motorcycling.

The Maeving RM1 uses electricity to charge the battery. Doesn’t this still produce carbon emissions?

This depends on the fuel mix of the energy supplier you are using (ie. what percentage comes from fossil fuels and what percentage comes from renewable energy). Maeving encourages all customers to choose and support electricity suppliers that draw fr